Maduwanwela Walawwa
maduwanwela_walawwa Sri Lanka
Maduwanwela Walawwa is a Walauwa located in upper South of Sri Lanka.
Situated in the town of Kolonne, which lies between Embilipitiya and Suriyakanda in Ratnapura District

 Maduwanwela Walawwa (Nobleman’s House)

Travel Time       – 1 hour, 15 minute drive.
Distance           – 33 km
Description       – This is the reputed home of Maduwanwela Disawe (1877-1905), who was a regional ruler in the British era. Its initial construction is said to have taken place as early as 1700AC, when the country was under the rule of King Wimaladharmasuriya II. It was later upgraded by the Maduwanwela family, and is a notable milestone in Sri Lankan architecture. In 1905, it consisted of 121 rooms, 21 courtyards, and three security walls. Adding to its charm is the large painting of Maduwanwela Disawa, which decorates the living room wall to this day.