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 NO. 3 – Panamura Elephant Kraal

Travel Time       - Approximately 45 Minutes
Distance           -  22 km
Description       -  This was assumed to be built with the kalukandawa mountain range in Panamura village. The fence and gates of the Eth gala were built using logs of strong timber like Milla, Burutha and Kone to a height of about 12 feet with cross stumps. Elephants were caught by large number of people lighting big flames shouting and chasing. Elephants had arrived annually during July and September from the wilderness area though Kalukandawa mountains to drink water from the never empty water bubble. Elephants have been captured in Krall to tamed and made use of as work animal. Panamure Ath Raja who rose to legendary fame for defending his herd until he was put to death with a shot fired.  Put a full stop to the elephant capturing in late 1950.