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 NO. 18 – Sithupawwa

Travel Time       -  Approximately 02 hours & 30 mins
Distance           -  88 km

Description     - Situlpawwa rock temple with a history of over 2200 years is one of the significant Buddhist sites built in the 2nd Century BC. It has a stunning setting. There are two temples perched high atop hard volcanic rock outcrops. Maha Sithulpauwa rock is 400 feet in height. The Dageba is situated on top of
the rock and is reached by a difficult steep climb, aided by steps cut into the rock. The Dageba is believed to have been built by king Kawantissa. It houses an intricate cave complex.

The name Sithulpauwa is derived from the word 'Chittalapabbata' which means the hill of the quiet mind. The rock temple was a place of worship for devotees
as well as a centre of Buddhist scholarship. It is believed that in ancient times this rock temple once housed a total of 12,000 Arhaths or monks who achieved
the highest mind level in Buddhism. The life that the Arhaths lived in Sithulpawwa was a hard one, with silence and solitude. The rock temple is famous for its early Brahmi script, ruins of the preaching house and the fragments of paintings that can be viewed at the image house.